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Insurance Checklist

ANdrus Brothers Insurance Checklist

Andrus Brothers Roofing provides this insurance checklist as a way to ensure you can secure your property and financial stability, whether you are going through a routine roof replacement or a disaster replacement.

1. Contact Andrus Brothers Roofing

You can reach us by phone at 806-798-7663, by email at [email protected], or by directly messaging us through our website

2. Secure Your Property

Temporary repairs are covered by insurance providers to protect your property from further loss or damage. Confirm this with your agent.

3. Call Your Insurance Agent

Report the possible loss; let the professionals determine the extent of damage to your home or business’ roof.

4. Adjuster Meeting

Meeting with your insurance adjuster before moving forward is an important step. It provides you the opportunity to ensure that the scope of your roofing repair or replacement is not missing anything and includes all damages. This also allows you to confirm that your needs are met at a “price agreeable” to your insurance company and your roofing contractor.

5. Call Your Mortgage Company

Contact your mortgage company and advise them of your insurance claim. Ask them to inform you about their procedures for draft endorsement, contractor’s affidavits, lien releases, etc. You need to be proactive! Otherwise, it’s likely that your mortgage company will hold your money as long as possible.

6. Review and Schedule Your Project

After you and your roofing contractor have agreed on the scope and terms of your insurance claim, you may then proceed with scheduling the repair or replacement of your roof.

7. Inspect Your Project

Once the work on your roof is completed, you should conduct a thorough visual inspection to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the work completed by your roofing contractor. Once you have inspected your roof and are sure that you’re 100% satisfied, you should expect to start payment. At this point, you can either pay the full amount or, at the minimum, pay your first proceeds plus your deductible.

8. File Betterment Claim

There are a few things you need to double-check before you file your betterment claim. First, you need to make sure you have received your invoice showing that your roofing job has been completed. If your invoice does not show that your job is completed, contact your roofing contractor and request a new invoice showing your job is complete. In addition, you must also have paid your first proceeds. You cannot file a betterment claim without paying the full amount or paying the first proceeds. Once you have your invoice and have paid, you may then file for the depreciation amount. If you need any help with filing your betterment claim, you can contact your roofing contractor and they will be able to assist you.

9. Secure All Documents

We strongly advise you to keep any and all documentation relating to your roofing repair or replacement, including documents from your roofing contractor and your insurance and mortgage companies. You should keep all documentation together and in a safe place – treat these documents as you would any type of warranty information. Now it’s time to enjoy your newly restored home and the peace of mind that comes along with it!

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